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May 9, 2022

RV Maintenance Tips

RVs are not only vehicles, but also homes. This means that they require a lot more maintenance than your car. Performing routine maintenance helps keep your RV in great shape, keeps repair costs down and is one of the best ways to retain its value. Your owner’s manual has all the information you need, but we’ve noted some maintenance highlights here that you can use as a quick, general checklist when it’s time to work on the RV.a bus parked in front of a car

·        Engine: Your RV needs routine oil changes (often every 3,000 to 4,500 miles), along with new fuel, oil, air, coolant and hydraulic filters at regular intervals.

·        Generator: Run the generator for two hours each month at about a 50 percent load. If a generator sits idle for too long, gas can begin breaking down and causing the carburetor to varnish, which prevents the generator from being powered.

·        Roof: RV roofs are highly susceptible to sun damage, especially if you have a rubber roof. Inspect the roof seals and seams every six months, and treat your rubber roof annually. For optimal protection, keep your RV parked under a carport (which can be built on your property) to keep the roof out of direct sunlight.

·        Seals: The seals that prevent water from leaking into your RV naturally degrade over time, which can lead to extremely costly water damage repairs. Inspect the seals around the windows and doors (in addition to roof seal inspections) every three to six months for any signs of wear or deterioration.

·        Batteries: Remove the battery during winter storage and keep it in a dry, warm place like a garage. If left in your RV, the battery can freeze and undergo irreparable damage.

·        Slide-out rails: Lubricate the slide-out rails once or twice per year to not only prevent that awful squeaking sound, but also to prevent rust and corrosion.

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