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October 11, 2022

Why You Need Proper Boat Insurance

In just a few short months, boating season will be upon us again. So, you will want to ensure that your boat is properly insured before taking it out on the water. The fact is that many seasoned and novice boaters alike are unaware of the importance of purchasing quality insurance for their vessels. Here are just a few of the many reasons why it is vital that you have boat insurance.a small boat in a body of water

Insurance May Be Required for Boat Launch or Mooring

Many marinas require boat owners to have insurance in order to launch and/or moor their boat there. In fact, launching without insurance at certain marinas could result in a hefty fee if you are caught in violation of these regulations. Furthermore, you may be required to show proof of insurance before a marina will allow you to moor or dock your boat, or before they will rent you a slip space.

Coverage While In Transit

Boat insurance is similar to auto insurance in that it protects the value of your boat, as well as the items within it, while it is on the water. However, boat insurance also protects your boat while it is in transit to or from the boat launch. Many boaters make the false assumption that should they be in an accident while towing their boat, their boat will be covered by their auto insurance policy. This belief is false; while certain auto insurance policies may cover the damage your boat inflicts on other vehicles on the road, it is unlikely that your policy will cover the costs involved in repairing or replacing your boat. These costs would only be covered by a quality boat insurance policy.

Your Passengers Are Protected

Another vital benefit of boat insurance is that it protects you, your passengers and anyone you may be towing behind your boat as part of a water sports activity. The fact is that, on occasion, accidents can happen on the water. Should you, or someone with you, become injured while on the water, a boat insurance policy can protect you by paying liability and medical expenses.

There are many more reasons to consider purchasing boat insurance, beyond what’s been mentioned here. Boat insurance is a vital thing for boat owners to have, as this coverage helps ensure that you are taken care of should something go wrong the next time you take your boat out on the water.

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